La Case is the story of a thoughtful vision of education and partnership in the successful balance between family and professional life.

La Case is in this context, a response adapted to the multiple needs of families, who have in this respect, a nursery where the missions and values are oriented around the child and the collective.

The pedagogical orientations are the fruit of a reflective and collaborative work of the professionals of the childhood who work with the respect of the individuality and the development of each of the children welcomed in an interior space, as stimulating outside. In these spaces take place (among others) play, exploration, sharing, respect, self-esteem, pleasure, language, sensory awakening, benevolence, creativity, curiosity, movement , autonomy, trust and listening.

The theoretical foundations on which our educational activity is based:
• Every child is unique;
• The child is the first agent of his development;
• Child development is a comprehensive and integrated process;
• The child learns through play
• Parents are the first educators of the child
• The partnership between the family and the educational team is essential for the positive integration of the child into the collective

The mission of La Case is conjugated in the plural and is as follows:


General and social mission

• To welcome the child and his family without family, cultural or social discrimination
• Allow families to articulate family life and professional life by having a specific place dedicated to early childhood care
• Offer families a preschool reception that is thoughtful and organized around the specific needs of children from 0 to 4 years old in a collective living space
• Offer quality education in a spirit of partnership and complementarity
• Provide the child with a welcoming condition favoring his overall development, characteristic of his age and his skills

Offer a service provided by professionals from the field of activity who guarantee a framework built on the values considered for and around the young child

Educational Mission

• Allow the child to explore and develop, at his own pace, skills and knowledge specific to the specific needs of his / her development
• Allow the child to develop self-esteem while respecting others and their environment
• Promote the integration of the child into the collective through a positive pedagogy approach
• Promote diverse and fun activities with respect for the child and his personality

Preventive mission

• Observe and detect possible disorders related to the development of the child
• Promote collaboration with all professionals involved in monitoring the development of the foster child (medical, social, etc.)
• Promote the social integration of families from other countries and / or cultures

Our values

The values and the institutional project orient and concede to the educational action an added value to the daily life of the children welcomed. The work of the educational team is based on the basic needs of the child and in partnership with families.

The richness of interculturality is recognized and valued in respect of the differences and individuality of each child.

The values defined in the educational project are broken down as follows:

• Respect for the individual and acceptance of differences
• Positive pedagogy
•The family
• Listening and communication

La Case 2 devotes most of its activities to the care of toddlers. Its premises and organization take into account the specificities of the child from 4 months to 2.5 years.

In this context, we wanted spaces adapted to the needs of the child and his family. Indoor and outdoor spaces to play, awaken, explore, rest, experiment, create and eat.

So without hesitation, we wanted a space dedicated to breastfeeding. Thus, for all the mothers who wish it, the continuation of breastfeeding can be done with a resumption of the professional activity at the end of the maternity leave.

Our breastfeeding room offers the comfort and privacy needed for this moment of sharing mom / baby.

It is also a place of information and advice provided by one of our collaborators Mrs. Delacrétaz, educator and nurse HMP.

The breastfeeding room can be at certain times of the year very solicited by mothers, so we invite you to contact the nursery education staff to know the availability of this space and enjoy the privacy of the premises necessary for this practice, which we strongly encourage.

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